Malvern Buttery

— Breakfast & Lunch —

Here at The Buttery we cook like we're at home. We start with an inspiration and we take it from there. Sometimes what excites us is a beautiful variety of herbs, an enormous yield of juicy peaches, or a surprising bunch of wild mushrooms, some odd looking pumpkins or the first of any fruits of the seasons. We giggle when our sourdough starters look extra bubbly and our bread rises higher, or when the coffee beans are extra tiny or doubly large.

We are a team of food geeks, and we like to have fun. So our menu reflects that and is almost never the same from one day to the next. When you come to The Buttery, after you take in the sights and aromas, and order your drink of course, you will most likely find these sorts of foods on our large serving table. Most of it will be local,  a lot of it will be seasonal, and all of it will be sourced keeping growing and raising practices in mind. We are here to support our local farmers and food producers!
Help Yourself and Enjoy!
All fruits, vegetables, dairy, meats, grains, nuts, herbs and spices are subject to change according to what farmers makes available in our area.



Steel Cut Oatmeal
Yogurt & House-made Granola Parfaits
Fruit Salad
Hard-boiled eggs
Seasonal Quiche
Fried Egg Bowls
Egg Croissant tarts
Toast Bar with house-made jams & nut butters

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—  LUNCH  —

Savory Tarts
Toast Bar with house-made jams & nut butters