Malvern Buttery

How It Works

Things are a little different here.   All of our delicious offerings are presented on a serving table where one can help themselves to whatever suits their fancy.  We don't have a menu and our offerings change daily depending on what's in season and what's in the cooler.  While the egg dish or the plated toast offering might change, you can always count on some staples here, like our croissants, local yogurt & house-made granola and of course, our toast.  For lunch, we make soups like your grandma used to, with overnight stocks and lots of delicious vegetables.  We also have a variety of unique salads and sandwich offerings.  Help yourself to the food, and have a barista bring you a beverage.  Once you've taken care of your needs, you can settle up with any of our baristas and you're on your way.  It may not be the normal way of doing things, but what fun is normal after all?

Common Questions