Our Story


“Food is about family, food is about community, food is about identity.  And we nourish all of these things when we eat well”
— Michael Pollen

— our story —

The Buttery exists because we wanted that third place, a place away from home and work, where we could reconnect to ourselves, our food, and each other. We think of it as a home away from home or a friend’s place where we are always welcome to pop in and they’re always cooking up something delicious.  Where we can go and relax and take a quick break from the day.  That’s a good friend

Part village bakery, part coffee shop, and part scratch kitchen, The Buttery is a place to get a great cappuccino, indulge in house-made pastries (think warm croissants and delicious sourdough breads), and grab a delicious meal.  More importantly though, it’s a warm and inviting place to gather and be with friends.

We care deeply about our work and the craftsmanship that goes into it, be it baking bread, brewing coffee, cooking food, and caring for others.  We source our fruits and vegetables carefully from local farms and support local food producers by using organic, pastured and humanely-raised meats and dairy.

This is all an experiment of sorts.  It's our first go at it and we aren’t following a formula.  We’re here to have fun, work in a great team environment, and provide our community with a welcoming space to gather over a cup of coffee, tea and great food. 

Welcome to The Buttery,
John & Silenia


— How it works —

Make yourself at home.
 Order a drink with a barista at the counter.
Treat yourself to the food on our serving table.
Let us know what you had, and pay before you leave.