Village Bakery

— Breads & Pastries—

— Bread —

You could say we’re a little obsessed with bread...  Some people see bread and wonder, what’s the big deal?  To us, it’s something magical.  Bread is a link to the past, and a gift from our ancestors.  People have been cooking grains for thousands of years and somewhere along the line, we learned how to harness the power and magic of microbes and use them to our advantage.  

The same techniques are at work here at The Buttery.  Our "starter" culture (aka mother or levain) is a mix of flour and water, bubbling and active with wild yeast cultures found naturally in the air and on grains.  This sweet smelling mix is fed often to keep it lively and happy until it's ready to be added to our doughs.  The levain does most of the work, transforming the rest of the flour, water and sea salt into a living and growing dough.  To get the dough to it's greatest potential, we carefully guide the process from start to finish to help our microscopic friends impart the best flavor and texture to our breads.

It takes about 36 hours from the time we start building up our starter to pulling the hot crusty loaves out of the oven. Every day is different, depending on the weather (and the mood of the levain).  In our opinion, this is time and effort well spent.  Bread baking is our craft and something we are dedicated to improving, every single day.  Once you’ve had bread made this way, it’s hard to go back. 

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We bake bread Tuesday - Sunday for purchase in the cafe, until sold out. Because it takes a long time to make our breads we can only accept pre-orders of bread with three days advance notice and prepayment.  You may place an order in the cafe or call 610-296-2534. Phone orders are not confirmed until availability has been determined, payment accepted, and you receive a call back from our team. Bread orders may be picked up daily after 10:30am.

We recommend eating our bread fresh, though it will last for a good 4-5 days for toast.  Our breads do freeze very well when wrapped and bagged in plastic, and they can be re-crisped to perfection straight from the freezer in a 350 oven for 30-40 minutes.  Or you can thaw them and then they'll only need 8-10 min in the oven.

  • Baguette - Tuesday through Sunday, 10:30am. Crispy French baguette

  • Country White - Tuesday through Sunday.  Classic rustic white

  • Country Wheat - Tuesday & Sunday.  Subtle whole wheat loaf

  • Onion Thyme- Tuesday. Caramelized onions and shallots, fresh thyme, ramp leaves

  • Honey Whole Wheat Pan Loaf - Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday. Softer sandwich loaf, whole wheat, honey

  • Multigrain - Wednesday & Saturday. Toasted sunflower seeds, millet, kamut, flax, and oats

  • Olive Rosemary - Thursday. Black and green olives, fresh rosemary

  • Pumpkin - Friday. House roasted pumpkin and squash

  • Oatmeal - Friday. 24-Hour fermented oat porridge

  • Sesame Semolina - Saturday. Soft durum wheat, toasted sesame

  • Fig + Pecan - Sunday. Dried figs soaked in Earl Grey team, toasted pecans

  • Babka - Sunday. Rich, buttery dough swirled with seasonal fruit or chocolate flavors


— Pastry —

At The Buttery you will find European-style pastries, inspired by French patisserie, the English countryside, and the Irish love of butter. All of our pastries are made from scratch daily, using mostly local fruits, organic flours, and local organic and pastured dairy. We put a lot of love and attention in making sure that each of our pastries has the right amount of flakiness, chewiness, crispiness and deliciousness it deserves, taking days and sometimes weeks to perfect a recipe. 




We bake pastries Tuesday - Sunday for purchase in the cafe, until sold out. We accept pre-orders of pastries with three days advance notice and prepayment. Pastries are sold in 1/2 or full dozen, and cakes are sold whole. All pastries are subject to change according to what our team is creating and these are just a few examples of what we create. Please ask a team member for available options in the cafe or call 610-296-2534. Phone orders are not confirmed until availability has been determined, payment accepted, and you receive a call back from our team.

Croissants plain, chocolate, almond, ham and cheese
Croissant Tarts seasonal fruit or vegetables
Scones seasonal fruit, nuts, spices or chocolate
Morning Buns cinnamon sugar and orange zest
Pecan Sticky Buns brioche dough and caramel
Galette seasonal fruit or vegetable
Cookies chocolate chip, granola chip, seasonal
Sea Salt Sables buttery shortbread cookie with sea salt
Biscotti dried fruits, nuts, spices or chocolate
Flourless Cakes lemon polenta, chocolate
Canele vanilla bean custard, caramelized exterior

*limited selection of wheat free, dairy free, egg free options are available